Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My Bunny's Story

I finished my bunny. I used the pattern from Last –Minute Knitted Gifts. I used Nature Spun sport weight yarn in color Aran for the body, Nature Spun in color Nordic blue for the eyes, & Patons Divine in color Chantilly Rose for the inner ear and nose. I just used polyfill for the stuffing. This pattern was lots of fun to knit. It was cool how it all came together.

After I was finished my husband was curious as to what I was doing with the bunny all over the house. I told him Bunny was doing his photo shoot. He gave me a strange look and then said “That’s nice dear”.

Bunny’s Story

Bunny joined our family in March of 05. He quickly made himself at home. He enjoys spending time in the back yard and has been known to climb a tree here and there.

Rumor has it that bunny has joined a frog band as lead vocalist and might be planning on touring this summer with his new band mates.

Bunny is desperately afraid of Cosmo and his sharp teeth. Bunny tries to stay very still when Cosmo comes near.

Bunny prefers tea over coffee. He says there is nothing that warms him better than a nice hot cup of tea.

Bunny’s best friend is Brandy. They enjoy spending time together and sharing secrets.

We are glad Bunny has joined our family.
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Hope you had a happy Easter!

I did! And I finished up the bunny from Jess Hutchison's pattern, using Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Worsted Superwash. Or is it Superwash Worsted? I made his legs and arms a bit longer than indicated in the pattern and made the body and head in one piece so I could avoid sewing his head onto his body. Here he is!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Late joiner with bunnies!

I made these bunnies with the HeartStrings FiberArts Easy Bunny pattern from stash yarn. They did turn out to be easy. My first impression was that the blue one looked like one of the rats from Princess Bride and the pink one had ears like Piglet. They both relaxed a little since then. I saw so many fun and cute bunnies out there that I couldn't resist whipping up a few for the monkeys' Easter baskets.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Bunnies Galore

Well - here's three of my odd bunny family. The Heartsting's bunnies were fun and easy to make. I made them pom pom tails of the same yarn as their bodies and they are already off to brighten a toddler's day.

The leggy bunny from schmeebot I made from some wool I had hanging around for 15 plus years. It was pretty moth eaten and tended to fall apart. And obviously because it didn't felt at all it must have been super wash or some such. I like him anyway and have named him Scraps.

I have a few more in the works including one in purple mohair from Kate Gilbert's pattern and another Heartstrings made with green fun fur (yikes!)

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swooning grandma

thanks to digital photos and the internet, i already have pictures of my grandbaby's easter. this one shows the 3-d fabric paint added to the bunny soles to keep new to running feet from slipping.

will add a few more photos to my journal, once i finish swooning.

Cotton Tails

Here's the bunnies, finished on Easter, posted today. I love the long legged pattern that so many folks are making, but I hadn't seen what anyone had done for a tail. So here are my bunnies' tails:

Pictures of the frontside of my bunnies can be seen at my very-much-under-construction blog:

Sunday, March 27, 2005

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Happy Easter Every-bunny!
Yesterday I got really ambitious after seeing Schmeebot's pattern...absolutely loved it! So, I had to try my hand with a couple...check 'em out!
The first one didn't felt very well (the one with the bow), I can't remember the name of the yarn I used.
The second one (the one with the button eyes) I used Cascade 220...I was much happier with the results on this one!
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Ellen's Bunny

This is a bunny made by my friend, Ellen. She used 100% angora yarn - - it's so soft and furry, I think it would be a great baby gift.
Ellen's Bunny

Jennie's Bunny

This is a bunny made by my friend, Jenny Might - - isn't "he" the cutest! I love the yarn she chose for this project, it's really different from others I've seen using the Heartstrings pattern.
Jennie Might's Bunny