Saturday, March 05, 2005

Everybody wants one

My 11 year old step-daughter took Bunny Blue to school on Friday and reports that about 15 people in her class now want their own. Uhm...

Speaking of pressure, let's take a bit off here, shall we? I never meant that the Bunny A Long-ers had to finish before March 27... I was just thinking that bunnies and Easter have a bit of a shared history. This blog and the knitalong will remain open for as long as there are people making bunnies in the world. So Join Up!

Friday, March 04, 2005

I Love Making This Bunny!

I cannot wait to finish this cute little thing to see how he comes out. So far, this Kate Gilbert pattern has been super easy, and I am hoping to finish tonite... then start some of the other patterns.

Hippoty Hoppoty...

Hosted by
MAN!  I've been trying to post this darn picture for 3 days now & this is the first i've been able to get it to work  Now I'm happy, though.   =)

So, here is bunny #1!  He doesn't have a name yet, as he was really a test of the pattern...maybe i'll call him...Fred!  yeah, that's as good a name as any.  Anyway...Right now he's sitting at my desk at work keeping my computer company.  soon he'll have many bunny friends to keep him least until Easter.  I'll post again when i have more "friends"


Looky looky!

I just found this blog-surfing:

Go to voodoo bunny.

I love the devil-tail on the bunny, oh yes I do.


A Bunny Weekend

Hi! Just joining in. I have lots of little nieces and nephews who are getting knit bunnies this year! Hopefully this weekend I'll get several completed. I'm using the Heartstrings pattern and the animal pattern from Knitter's Stash. I'll use up some leftover Patons Divine in blue, Cashmerino in pink and Polarspun in white (and whatever I find irresistible at my LYS later today). I'll try to put up pics on Monday! Happy Knitting.

Funny bunny

I made this funny bunny last night. Shouldn´t do anything when you have fever, but it turned out quite nice. Funnybunny is getting felted as we speak, I´m anxious to see how it will look. Prefelted it looks a bit like mouserabbit mixture :D

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hopping along!

Decided to join in after all despite being a bit hesitant at first about my ability to finish -- or even start -- a bunny before Easter. But a girl has to prioritize things in her life and what would be more important than knitting a bunny for Easter?

I'm going to try Thuy's felted bunny and I’m using some brown yarn that will be left over from my felted mittens project. I should just finish the second mitten before I can start!

Bunnies For Boys

I've just started making a felted bunny for each of my two sons, for springtime/Easter/just because. DH and BC are 7 and 4, the best of friends and worst of rivals. As babies and toddlers, they eschewed stuffed animals, but love to receive them now that they are older. I'll take every last bit of sweetness I can get. It won't be long before they roll their eyes at something like this.

I'm using the Fiber Trends pattern and leftover bits of neutral colored Lamb's Pride worsted. The bunnies will be different, so an argument should ensue immediately after they receive them. There is no way that I can give each of them The Right One. I will botch it.

Progress photos are at my site yesterday and today.

Bunny Blue

Cuter even than I dared dream.

Done Bunny

I screwed up my courage and stitched a little face on my bunny.

Eh, could be worse.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Miss Bunny Bum in the sun

Here she is, Miss Bunny Bum Legs all made up. I realize it's not a great picture, the sun and the snow made the light too bright. But I couldn't resist taking the picture outside since it's such a glorious day. And - to Norwegians - Easter and snow are closely linked. The carrot I borrowed from my daughter's toybox. I liked this project, fast and fun to knit. Next time I'll make the arms a bit longer and the left ear a bit smaller.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I've just finished my first bunny! I picked Legs, and he is... green ;) I don't have much yarn that will do for felting, and I had to knit something this evening... but I think he's getting pretty cute anyway :) Now I just have to book a washing maschine and find something to wash with him...

Rabbit rabbit

I forgot to say it when I woke up this morning, but apparently all is not lost.

addendum to pattern

greetings from san francisco!

please note that the pattern for legs the felted bunny is missing one crucial dimension: his neck. it should be approximately half the body's circumference, about 8 stitches. it needs to be big enough for the stuffing to come up through the body and stout enough to support the ear burdened head.

i will try to amend the graphic pattern as soon as i can. in the meantime, happy knitting!

oh, and happy march!


Bunny Buzz

The Bunny A Long (and Jessica's Bunny!) is featured on The Buzz List at Excite Entertainment. ... I don't know what to say.

Update March 5: The Buzz List has now updated, so the link above no longer points to the page where the Bunny A Long is featured. (Phooey.) I haven't found an archive yet, but if I do, I'll post again.

Out of Order

Hello everyone. I did my bunny a long a little out of order. I came across the wonderful KAL and instantly fell in love with the easy bunny pattern. I started immediately. I was nearly finished with "Marshmallow" by the time I finally got my email in to join the blog. I'm planning to make more bunnies though, I've had so much fun with this one.

Check out my pictures at these links.

Miss Bunny Bum

Here I am again, presenting Miss Bunny Bum before felting (she's in the machine right now). I followed schmeebots instructions, although not very accurately. The arms are a bit short maybe, and the ears are in garter stitch. I think you and Theresa used moss stitch? Plus I gave her a heel like structure on her behind in order for her to have a bunny bum. I'm curious on how that turns out in the felting.

The hard task of choosing

Since I'm a choice challenged person I've decided to do two bunnies. The Easy bunny is amazingly cute (and I've admired it somewhere else before). But then I can't resist anything that's to be felted, so it has to be Legs too.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Hey all. I'm going to make legs, because I've been meaning to. I plan to give him to my neice Talia, but will likely have to make others for the myriad of kidlets I know.



I just wanted to say hello, and I'm looking forward to knitting bunny-stuff! :)
I haven't decided which bunny I want to knit yet, but maybe "Legs" or the one from one of Erika Knight's books (can't remember the title right now)...

Elisabeth - in Denmark where it is snowing!

Yellow Bunny

I got started right away when I saw this knitalong. I made Kate Gilbert's bunny pattern in some leftover Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I used US6 needles. I should have used smaller for a tighter fabric.

He still needs to get his back sewn up and some features embroidered on. It was a very fun, quick knit.

More bunnyalongers and more patterns!

I'm so thrilled to see that so many have signed up already! Strikkelise sent me lots more free patterns, which I've put on the list. (Tusen takk!) If anyone knows of more bunny patterns of any type just send me an email and I'll get them added right away.

Once again I want to say that all are welcome! And remember to include the little ones. The HeartStrings FiberArts bunny is likely easy enough for even the youngest knitter... it's just a rectangle - the bunny appears when it's folded! If you've got even smaller ones, then there's always the Boo Boo Bunny or a clothes pin bunny or even some plastic egg bunnies!

In other news, Amy has sent not a few people this way by writing about the Bunny A Long at both the Knitty Blog and at Interweave Web Watch. I am having so much fun.

I'm just I-cord away from being finished on the first (of many I'm sure) felted bunnies from scheebot's instructions and have a suggestion: Stuff the bunny's head before closing it! I had closed the top of the head (between the ears) by using a 3 needle bind off and that's not the easiest thing to unravel. I managed to open it up just enough to stuff some wool stuffing down into his head.

I'm not entirely sure he looks like a bunny just yet, and being blue probably doesn't help, but that's what I had to hand last night. It's Cascade 220 wool and I'm using 4mm needles.

I think I made the I cord on the ears a bit too long too...

Now the question is which rabbit?

Joining this Bunny-athon... so many bunny patterns to choose from!

I have - so far - only knitted scarves (plus one bag, which is really a scarf sewn up!), so this will be my first attempt as something that is not rectangle shaped. having said that, if all else fails, I will knit a scarf with a rabbit motif on it!

Look forward to seeing people's work!

Waving to all from a sunny but cold London,


Hi everyone!

Decided to join, sounds fun! Maybe a little presentation at first, my name is Susanna, I´m a yarnaholic from Finland. Married with children, occasionally doing also other crafts but mostly knitting. Today I´m going to try the felted bunny pattern, it look absolutely great. Gotta go now, but I´ll post pics whenever I have the first bunny done :D

Sunday, February 27, 2005

kate gilbert's bunny

I have been meaning to knit toys for a while, this will get me off my duff to acually do it! I want to knit Kate Gilbert's bunny. Perhaps I'll knit a carrot to go with it, since I bought a knitted food pattern a while back too.

Notes on a Bunny

I needed this earlier to start on Legs ... thought you might too!

Terrific video instructions for an open cast on from

Oh, and don't forget to stuff the head before you close it up. ;o)

Bunny fun!

I'm looking forward to this, gotta do some homework before deciding which bunny to knit and which yarn to use etc. Carrots to you!

Welcome to the Bunny A Long!

Before we start knitting up bunnies around here, perhaps a visit to the House Rabbit Society is in order. Find out why a knitted bunny is a better gift for a kid than a real bunny this Easter. Just email me to join! Any and all are welcome.