Saturday, March 19, 2005

Pictures, pictures, we all want pictures

I've had a question from a knitter-alonger about posting pictures with Hello on Blogspot - but I really don't know anything about it. Is there anyone who would care to post a quick "how to" here so those who haven't been able to post pictures could?

I think I've got this photo sharing working .... but I'm not sure --- another view of the needle felted bunny ..... Posted by Hello

needle felted bunny! Posted by Hello

first time needle felting

I had my first needle felting lesson last night and created a bunny! I have tried a few different times to post a picture on this knit-along, but have failed miserably ..... come over to purlingswine and scroll to the middle of today's (3/19) entry to see my new rabbit!

Bowling pin or bunny?

I'm planning to get this fellow finished up this weekend:

He's from this pattern designed by Jess Hutch. (Check out her other knitted toys! I love the two headed guy...)

Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit is finished!

Here’s Mr. Rabbit before a bath

right after the bath

and accessorized.

As some of you may notice I did not use the left-over yarn from my mitten project after all. The yarn breaks very easily and the mere thought of using the yarn in this project was just putting me off. So I chose Sandnes Fritidsgarn instead. I’m glad I did because I would have broken the other yarn many many times when making the i-cords.

I used the yarn for stuffing as well. The rabbit was felted in 60 C degrees as I knew from experience that the white colour of this yarn doesn’t felt well. The result was a very sturdy rabbit. He’s also a bit chubbier than his colleague. I suspect that he ate too many Easter eggs while I turned my back away. He says that I just cast on too many stitches while not paying attention to the pattern. Oh, well. Little chubbyness doesn’t hurt a rabbit, does it?

P.S. When I looked out of the window the morning after the rabbit was born I saw these:

I think it was Mr. Rabbit.

Meet Fred and Flora

Somewhere near the end of February, I had the inexplicable urge to make some bunnies. Now I know why: this knit-along was calling to me from the blogosphere, even though I didn't actually find it until this week! lol So here are Fred and Flora. They are actually needle-felted, not knit. The wool is wrapped around pipe cleaners, so they are somewhat poseable. Fred is about six inches tall, and Flora is about five inches tall. I have plans to make a couple more, if I can find some extra time to experiment.
Image hosted by
So many cute bunnies here!

Friday, March 18, 2005

a bunny and his friend-  Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Three out of Four of my Kate Gilbert bunnies are finished. One bunny and 9 days until Easter to go. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

pompom the bunny

May I introduce Pompom the Bunny?
Image hosted by
He's the newest family member, but I bet that he won't be the last one! :-)

Check out his pompom at the rear. I've never made such a small pompom before, it was a bit of a struggle.
It was quite fun to make the bunny so I'm thinking of making more. I might do a schmeebot bunny but I ain't got any spare wool at the moment. I've got some cheapo acrylics though so I could make a friend for Pompom...

right down to the tails

if i have the magical putting up picture ability, here are the slippers. the long winded story....the short story is this is a pattern from Debbie Bliss Nursery Knits, done in handspun & US #3 needles, sized for 3-6 month old . now i am hoping to take the idea and make a larger version for my 1+ year old grandson. i am wanting to add some grippy something or other on the bottoms for him, so far suggestions include puffy paint & flexible fabric glue such as Aleene's tacky glue. i had imagined some iron on bits. any other suggestions?


I just finished my bunnies this morning ..... am not sure how to load pictures onto blogspot so look here for a peek! I love this pattern - I especially like the way it guides you rather than giving row by row directions. I can see more bunnies in my future! (thank goodness they're just the fiber kind!)

Monday, March 14, 2005

I finished these over the week end!!!!!

7, count 'em 7 heart strings bunnys!!!

I made 4" squares in seed st. there bumpy, but fun!!!!!!
please ignore the other assorted toys in the pic.... :):):):)

fuzzy bunny butt

all of the bunnies in this knit-a-long were too cute for me to handle, so when i woke up on sunday morning at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m. i thought i'd give the heart strings fiber arts bunny pattern a try.

the whole thing was complete in just under two hours, using a bulky pepto-bismol pink yarn. next time i'll opt for something more fuzzy, and less bulky and see what happens. i love the simplicity of this pattern, and even though i hate sewing, all of my ungainly seams and stitches are on the bunny underside - which makes me feel better.

i have also cast on for one of the schmeebot bunnies, but i am a bit intimidated by the fancy-free pattern. i'll post more if i make any more progress in that arena.

also... this is my first-ever knit-a-long! thanks for having me!

Sad Bunnies

My bunnies are finished!

They look so sad! I might redo their eyes.

The best tip I got was to use plastic grocery sacks for the temporary stuffing. For these Fiber Trends patterns, you knit, then felt, then stuff while still wet to retain the shape. When dry, you remove the temporary stuffing, add the face, and restuff.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

My Bunny

This is my contribution to the Bunny-A-Long. It's a knitted bunny using a pattern from Heart Strings Fiber Arts. The body is made from a 6 inch stockinette square and the ears are easy enough for a beginner. Knit it in different colors - - it's so cute!
Judy's Bunny