Saturday, March 12, 2005

heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeesss bunny

i'm just finished my 1st bunny.. for some reason i cannot post my pix here.... here's a link to my site ...i'll have the pix posted there in about 5 minutes.. this one was fun but i have to make more.. this bunny is a little, well, wonky, for lack of a better word..

Don't Eat That Peep

The other day while I was blog surfing I came across whimsy and her post on plush peeps. I thought they were so cute I decided to try and make myself one. Here is my knit version of a peep...

Image hosted by

It is cute but somehow it looks a little more like a cat then a bunny peep. Very easy and fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

hi all

darnit! Blogger ate my post!!! I swear! wah!

Ok I was just introducing myself. I just started knitting again after a 2 week hiatus due to some major wrist pains. I started the Heartstrings bunny pattern, but I think I chose a poor color (a sort of beige), because at this point w/o ears, the bunny looks like a Sumo wrestler. I'm going to go with it, and turn him into a Sumo wrestler. I think this time I'll choose a different color yarn for my bunny :)

I love seeing all your bunnies!

Wet Bunnies

My bunnies are felted, and it only took 30 minutes in the washing machine. Photos are posted at my blog (I'm still having trouble with Blogger and photos).

This Fiber Trends pattern couldn't be easier. The only trouble I had was that I used running stitch instead of whipstitch to baste the opening closed with cotton yarn, and had quite a time removing the stitches after felting.

Now I need to decide: button eyes, or embroidered? Felt backing or not? I will go ahead and try the suggested nose. And as far as further embellishment goes, something tells me they might be better received if they bear a resemblence to Rambo instead of Peter Cottontail.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Blogger, New bunny

Hello girls. Congratulation for your works they are very funny! Here is my rabbit, I call it "Bidule". He is knit in "Nebuleuse" from phildar, aig. 5 mm.

Bathtime for Bunnies

I'm ready to felt my bunnies (you can see photos today and yesterday at my blog)!

They took about 5 hours each to knit, plus another hour to assemble. I used contrast yarn for ear insides and foot bottoms, and the rest took slightly more than one skein of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride.

I will stuff and shape them while still wet from felting. This is the part I'm least looking forward to - packing in wads of fluff in and trying to get it even.

That Bunny has booty...

Here is my first bunny, I think it is so cute but she ended up with a large bottom. I used the heartstrings pattern which was very easy and fun. I think I will make more.

Image hosted by

Hello all! I'm all joined up.

Hello to all fellow Bunny-alongers!

I'm planning on knitting some slightly subversive bunny slippers! I'll be working them in Sirdar Snowflake in black, and I'll be adding some facial details in pink baby wool.

I look forward to seeing everyone elses bunnys and rabbits - good knitting.

snowflakes and bunnies

We are having an unexpected snowstorm here on Long Island. This has forced me to change my plans from painting projects to working on various knitting projects, including him! I am loving this pattern. I appreciate the gentle directions -- giving guidance without specifics. This could finally give me the push I need to 'knit on my own' and be less chained to printed directions.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

After A 24-Year Hiatus...

I finished knitting my bunny...the first knitting project I've completed since the fourth grade.

I'm rather impressed with my crafty handiwork, if you excuse the fact that Mr. Bunny looks like he's wearing a straitjacket and has a deranged look on his face. I need to work on sewing his chin closed and not his mouth for the next one.

Doesn't this look like something Calvin & Hobbes would knit? Maybe it's the pink eyes. I probably should have gone with a different color.

New Member

Just found this knit a long today and felt I had to join! My blog is

Mr. Bunny

Here's my bunny! With just half a day of knitting (and an evening of sewing and swearing) he was my fastest project yet. And my cutest, although his bum is rather large :-)
Attention: no bunnies were harmed during the making of this although one rather filthy teddy bear died (but his stuffing lives on)

They're Multiplying!

I think they were right when they said that bunnies multiply!

I especially love the HeartStrings pattern, if you can't tell. I am wondering if my pink bunny looks more like a pig, but hey, I think it's cute. Also, she said that she wants more brothers and sisters, so I might see what we can do.
Funnu bunny all dressed up Posted by Hello
Thank you so much to Theresa for pulling together this KAL. It is so cute, it's making my teeth ache! : ) The pattern links are terrific - I spent a good portion of my evening going through all of them. I decided to make Legs my first attempt!

thanks again Theresa!

Green Legs

Here is the Green Legs :) I think I will put him in the washer one more time, to felt him a little bit more... but don't you think he is cute? The pattern is really nice, this is definitely not the last Legs I'm knitting :) (also because my friend Sophie tried to kidnap him ;))

my first attempt

I have never knit a toy before, and I am also a die-hard in the round knitter, so I'm not good at sewing seams. (Is that enough excuses?) Anyway, here is my attempt at the Kate Gilbert Bunny (click to see bigger):

I didn't bother to embroider his face because I thought this was a practice bunny and now my son keeps asking me to give him eyes and a nose, so I'm going to have to figure out how to embroider him after the fact. I am also planning on making at least one more with a fuzzier yarn.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Hello All Just Joined!

Hello to all!

I just joined to the group and I have to offer up compliments to you all on your great looking bunnies. I cannot wait to try the many bunny patterns out there.

Happy knitting all...

Felt it, felt it good.

There's some great information about felting at Knitty:

Felting for beginners by Kathy Wortel
Felt this! by Rob Matyska.

I just took the Pink Bunny out of the washing machine and it had felted a bit too much - likely because I had knitted it larger, using larger needles. Felting (well, fulling really - read the second article) requires having a bit of space between stitches, so smaller, more tightly knitted things full less than larger, loosely knitted things. And remember: you can always full more, but you can't unfull. ;o)

Guess who!

I went skiing this weekend, and guess who I almost met!

(Bunny track in the Norwegian mountains)


Yay! I'm so glad I joined, I now have an obsession with the loverly Legs, by Schmeebot!
Here she is, pre-felting. But..See the fuzziness? I tried to hand felt her. With my hands and some shampoo, some boiling hot water and some freezing cold water. Yes. I boiled my bunny. And then dunked her in a bowl of fresh-from-the-freezer water.
That didn't work, so I mashed some (read:alot) shampoo into the whole mess and rolled and rubbed and mashed...But she just got fuzzier, no felting?
I'm loathe to put her in the washing mashine...won't she die?
Bunny Legs
There you have her!
So...How should I felt her? Any suggestions?..I've never felted anything before!

A slightly psychadelic bunny

Here is my first completed bunny! He's feeling groovy with his tie-dyed ears and tail. This is the Heartstrings pattern and I made it slightly bigger--probably about 9" or 10". I used Lion Polarspun in white and something colorful and the body was done with #5 needles and the ears with #4's. The eyes and nose are just knots.

polarspun bunny

Hope there will be more to post soon! Enjoy your bunnies!
Laura at Frog Is A Four Letter Word

Miss FiFi, the bunny

Miss FiFi, the bunny. Pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Posted by Hello

This was my first attempt at knitting a bunny. I like how she turned out. The pattern was easy to use--I did change the yarn type, as I am trying to use up my stash yarn.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

live from helsinki

legs in technicolor. wish i understood finnish.

My First Along!!

Yo!I'm SO happy that I've been added to this along!!!
I have 7 nieces and nephews that I'm crocheting this bunny for for easter:

I found it on the free patterns thingy to the left. It's pretty awesome, and quick to complete!Also a GREAT stash buster.
I've completed 1, but gave it away before taking a pic.
My mom was dumb, she gave my oldest niece Mikayla her for-being-good-at-school present in front of her lil bro, Parker, and I could tell it made him feel bad, because my folks are ALWAYS buying Mikayla stuff, she's seriously spoiled rotten,and forget about Parker.
So I gave him his early. Mikayla will have to wait!
I have 1 bunny that I want to finish tonight, and I'm ready to start the body on another, wich I will probally do tonight as well!!
I'm intrested in trying legs, but give me death before giving me a stranded pattern!!! I'm good at making up my own patterns though,so let me finish my nieces and nephews bunn's and I think I'll try making a copy cat(or is it copy bunny??;)) a whirl!! *smiles!*

Bunny Head

I started on my second schmeebot bunny yesterday and thought I'd post a couple of in-progress pictures of how I am doing his (maybe this is a her, though) head.

When I got to the top of the head, I just continued to knit I-cord on three of the stitches on one side - you can see the ear hanging down on the right side of this picture...

When I finished the ear, I arranged the stitches so there were an equal number on the two needles on either side of the finished ear and 3 stitches for the other ear on the third needle.

Then I reattached the yarn (leaving a nice long bit for sewing up any holes that appear) and did a 3 needle bind off over the top of the head...

Resulting in what you see above. There are now 4 stitches remaining and I'll decrease one on the first row of I-cord. AND I had worked his neck this time on a few more stitches in order to be able to stuff stuffing up into his head. (Thanks, Thuy!)

Well, this is one way of doing it, anyhoo! Feel free to post in-progess pictures of your bunnies folks. I would especially love to see pictures of the HeartStrings bunny being folded.

What I Do When I Can't Sleep

I am so into the bunny thing that I knit yet another one from HeartStrings Fiber Arts. This was as easy as knitting up a square and a couple of ears, stuffing it, and sewing it together. I used LionBrand's Jiffy on size 10 needles, which was so fast and easy to use... not to mention inexpensive! You can make probably a million of these with just one skein and have them all done in time for Easter.

I have not added a tail yet and am not sure if I will. I was thinking of pulling through some of the stuffing, but it all depends on who I give this to. If it is for the baby or even one of the dogs, the stuffing is a bad idea. I am thinking of getting the Jiffy yarn in white to see how a pom pom would look.

I heart nice people.

I emailed Patrick Holland, the author of the Buzz List, to thank him for making my day (as well as helping me impress my 15 year old stepkid) last week when he posted about the Bunny A Long. I didn't really expect to get a response, but he wrote back the same day :

I like to throw a variety of things in the Buzz List. While I find many blogs have little to say, I respect any blog that stays on topic, is genuinely useful, and offers unique content. There's also something refreshing about being able to post a blurb on the Buzz that has actual beneficial info along with blurbs about Michael Jackson, a freaky Speed Metal chick, and Joan Rivers. (snip)

Good luck with the bunny blog,


He also included a link to the archived Buzz List that includes the Bunny A Long.

Nice people rule.

He Is Just Adorable!

I finished my little bunny. Next time, I think I am going to use a furrier yarn so you don't see all of the k2tog and ssk stitches, but I still think this is too cute! You can see the larger photos here.