Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bunny Eyes

Now they're really, finally, completely done. They still look sad, but the eyes are better. To fix them without ripping any stitches, I cut out felt circles, then cut a small "X" in the center. I "buttoned" the circles onto the eyes, then used a few stitches to tack them down.

I wasn't able to respond to any comments when I showed these before, so here's the lowdown:

I used the Fiber Trends Bunny Fun pattern and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride wool. They took a little more than one skein each. The eyes are vintage buttons from my collection. They're stuffed with plain old polyfil. Figure about 5 hours to knit, an hour to assemble, an hour for the felting/stuffing process, and an hour to finish.

And no, these bunnies didn't shrink mysteriously ~ they're posed with an ostrich egg!

Friday, March 25, 2005

This is Claude

We have finally completed our Easter bunny, using Kate Gilbert's pattern. It was meant to be a catnip toy for the cat, but he is too cute!

So we named him Claude, and at present he is to be found perusing the bookshelves in our house. I think Claude fancies himself as a scholar. Visit my blog to see what he is reading.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Katie's bunny & friend

Katie's schmeebot bunny and an adlibbed chick.

Daffy dils

Here's a picture of two finished schmeebot bunnies sitting among the daffodils. The pink bunny's ears I'm particularly enamoured of - I knit the ears in stockingette stitch and this is the reverse side - they curled up to make quite realistic bunny ears. Though perhaps not in the most true to life color...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Better late than never

Hi, I'm Maya. You may have seen my link over to the left for a little while now. But here I am. :-) Just in time for easter, I got my bunny mostly done!

I had the idea to make a felted bunny puppet when I saw this knit along and decided to give it a shot/ I'm a typepad user, so not too keen on how to post a picture on blogger, but You can read about it here.

I love everyone's bunnies - very fun. I especially like the skinny legs bunny - I plan to make one of those next.

Dreamy Bunny

Here is my second bunny using the Heartstrings pattern. The yarn is Moda Dea "Dream" in pink. I used #5 needles for the body and made an 11" square and the ears were made with #4 needles. It looked very similar to the bunny pictured on the pattern, but since I added the eyes and nose it looks more like a pig. Oh well. You can't see in the picture, but it has a white cotton tail.

dreamy bunny

Good luck with your bunnies!
Laura at Frog Is A Four Letter Word

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

bunny in progress

I started the Jess Hutchison bunny on Saturday. I can't believe how quickly she's knitting up. She is a gift for my 6-month-old niece. I already have a request from my sister for one.

This is my knitted toy.

Originally uploaded by knitgrl using flickr.

Rustica Bunny

4th F.O. in 2005 - Knitted Bunny

4th F.O. in 2005 - Knitted Bunny

This is my 1st project in knitted toy, using Panda Rustica Col. 1.
Perhaps i have used a wrong type of yarn for this project? Or i have very poor skill in making toys. :D
The results is not as what i've been expecting. Hmm... practise makes perfect. Maybe i'll improve my skill in my next toy project, if i find something interesting to knit with in the future.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

bunny humor(not knit by me)

over the weekend we watched the movie 'torch song trilogy' written by harvey fierstein... the main character loves bunnies, bunnies decorate his walls/dishes... right down to his slippers.

movie was good, but much much more entertaining watching with harvey's commentary, because he gives so much information about his life, & the history of the play

link to movie info

i think bunny slippers are in my future : )

Sunday, March 20, 2005

t minus 7

good sunday, everyone! it has taken me a long time to decide on what to knit; today, i have finally succeeded in making something for the bunny knit along.

finger puppet, what could be easier? it took me more time to darn in the ends and to give it a face than to knit the entire bunny.

as i live in a third floor apartment, i have no woodsy environment for props. all i have is a small tub of plastic grass so please bear with me. this next shot is poor but it shows the nice sunday sky.

and a close up for good measure.

have a fine week, everyone! it's been terrific seeing your interpretations of legs. thank you so much for sharing!

help with photos

i have goo-gobs of web space and would be happy to create a directory to hold bunny pictures. you will need to email the photos to me and have them be the size you want for display and give them very specific names including your own would be good, such as " maresmithbunny.jpg " and then i can put them in directory & send you back the url for image source code.

i think i can handle this : )

my email is