Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blue Bun

Here are some photographs of Blue Bun. I sat him in the yellow tulips to make him look more Eastery.

He is of course the Small Rabbit from Debbie Bliss's 'Toy Knits', knitted in Sirdar Donegal Tweed DK: his sweater is Lorna's Laces Worsted in Black Watch.

The first sweater I knitted was a bit small so I knitted him another one so that he was decently covered and warm enough. None of the rabbits in that book have tails – why is that? I think I'll have to make him a tail, as I'm giving him as a present and I'm bound to be asked why he doesn't have one. He's going to go and live with my friend Gail.

I'm planning to do the Angel Rabbit as well, and maybe the Ballerina Rabbit, but I have one or two other things on the needles which I should finish first….

boing boing bunny

i've just joined this adorable and inspired site, thank you for including me. and I'm so in love with my first, just finished bunny baby. yarn is artfibers kyoto & bunny pattern by the amazing jess hutch.