Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bunny Sweater

I made this sweater last fall for my niece, so it's not technically easter (or pagan bunny worship day as I prefer to call it). This sweater is a combination of a baby cardigan pattern from knitty and some bunnies that I took from another pattern. I added french knot tails to the bunnies.

I'm excited about bunny themed knitting, so I will come up with some other bunnies to add!

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Laurie said...

This reminds me of my favourite all time sweater that I had when I was about 4 years old - it was blue and on either side of the button band there was a Kitten playing with a ball of yarn - the kitten in white mohair type yarn, the ball of yarn and background in plain wool, so you could pat the fluffy kittens - I was so proud of it I told everyone about it and how my granny made it for me!