Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Laurie's Bunny

My knit blog is at:


and I'm currently on a bit of a toy knitting kick and a bunny fan.

This is a picture of the toy I've made for a friend's little girl. It
is a fluffy bunny that was alot of fun to make, and not very hard. The only problem was that this yarn was a bit thin for guage and hence the bunny was a bit "holey" which I remided by darning the holiest bits.

Looking at these pictures it seems I might still do a bit of darning on the feet so the stuffing doesn't show through.

I also made a dress for her based very roughly on the dress in the book

It looks awfully homemade, but it was my first toy (other than catnip mousies!)I hope the little girl will like her.

from it.

The book she was made from was quite fun, and I plan to try a few more toys from it - "Knitted Toys" by Fiona McTague", which I got from the library.

The 3 year old little girl who recieved the toy seemed to like her very well, and she has christened my creature
"Bunny Bunny" - the bunny so nice she named it twice? I hope so!! haha.

Since then I've used the same yarn, Bernat "Symphony " I believe it is called ( a faux mohair type of acrylic yarn..) to knit other toys and have had much more success with doubling the yarn to knit with, usuing around 6 mm or so needles - it is a really nice yarn for a toy I think - nice and soft but still easy to knit as it has puffy fluffies instead of eye-straining "fur" type yarn...

One area I'd like to improve or vary more in my toys is the facial expressions which are done with embroidery, something I'm inexperienced at. Any pointers or good links from you bunny alonger-ers?

I do have some of those "teddy bear eyeballs" but as you all know, you don't want to use those on things for small kids as there is a choking danger.

Also, you can really scare people by replying "Do you sell eyeballs?" when they ask if they
can help you find something in a store...

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wendy said...

I find that looking at Japanese crafters blogs help me with finding a lot of different face styles. Try: http://www.craftlog.org/craftingjapanese/ to see all the different toy stuff.