Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bunny Love in Seattle

Hi all ... what a great blog idea. I have three bunnies and am an obsessive knitter. I am also chairing an auction for the Best Little Rabbit Rodent and Ferret Shelter. I am looking for any ideas of things to knit of make for the auction. I'm working on the little felted bunny booties from fiber trends (I forgot I have the pattern til I saw it knitted up here). I also have an angora baby bunny slipper from an old martha stewart magazine (I think there was a little tie on bunny ear hat). Suggestions and encouragement greatly appreciated!

The NeuroricKnitter


Lara said...

I'd avoid anything made from angora - the bunnies that provide this often live pretty miserable lives.

There is a lovely bunny pattern in the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book 2 - I haven't done it myself, but I hae seen it knit up, and it's gorgeous!

Isobel said...

Take a look at Betz White's blog, she has a wonderful tutorial on felted cashmere bunnies, but you could use other fine felted sweaters such as merino. I have made two and they are very easy and quick to make.


hope this helps

There is also a great bunny washcloth on the Lion Brand site - it's really for a blanket, but I knitted it in cotton on smaller needles and didn't stuff the head - along with a hand towel and regular wash cloth is makes a great baby gift.


I will have it on my blog later today if you want to take a look


Caroline said...

I found a darling bunny pattern from Fuzzy Mitten's etsy shop. I've made three of them so far, and love them. I used left over wool for the first three, but I plan to use cotton for my next one. They remind me of Julie's rabbits on her blog.

Rachael said...

I would love to give you one of my bunnies for this auction ..... www.rachaelrabbit.blogspot.com. Let me know ... anything for bunnies.