Monday, February 28, 2005

More bunnyalongers and more patterns!

I'm so thrilled to see that so many have signed up already! Strikkelise sent me lots more free patterns, which I've put on the list. (Tusen takk!) If anyone knows of more bunny patterns of any type just send me an email and I'll get them added right away.

Once again I want to say that all are welcome! And remember to include the little ones. The HeartStrings FiberArts bunny is likely easy enough for even the youngest knitter... it's just a rectangle - the bunny appears when it's folded! If you've got even smaller ones, then there's always the Boo Boo Bunny or a clothes pin bunny or even some plastic egg bunnies!

In other news, Amy has sent not a few people this way by writing about the Bunny A Long at both the Knitty Blog and at Interweave Web Watch. I am having so much fun.

I'm just I-cord away from being finished on the first (of many I'm sure) felted bunnies from scheebot's instructions and have a suggestion: Stuff the bunny's head before closing it! I had closed the top of the head (between the ears) by using a 3 needle bind off and that's not the easiest thing to unravel. I managed to open it up just enough to stuff some wool stuffing down into his head.

I'm not entirely sure he looks like a bunny just yet, and being blue probably doesn't help, but that's what I had to hand last night. It's Cascade 220 wool and I'm using 4mm needles.

I think I made the I cord on the ears a bit too long too...

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