Tuesday, March 01, 2005

addendum to pattern

greetings from san francisco!

please note that the pattern for legs the felted bunny is missing one crucial dimension: his neck. it should be approximately half the body's circumference, about 8 stitches. it needs to be big enough for the stuffing to come up through the body and stout enough to support the ear burdened head.

i will try to amend the graphic pattern as soon as i can. in the meantime, happy knitting!

oh, and happy march!


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Strikkelise said...

Hi, Thuy, thank you for the fun pattern! I think I'm going to make more of these.
Btw I stuffed the head a little with some wool before the 3 needle bindoff and thus before felting.
That worked out fine (my version of Legs is rather small, probably wouldn't work on a large one))