Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bunny Eyes

Now they're really, finally, completely done. They still look sad, but the eyes are better. To fix them without ripping any stitches, I cut out felt circles, then cut a small "X" in the center. I "buttoned" the circles onto the eyes, then used a few stitches to tack them down.

I wasn't able to respond to any comments when I showed these before, so here's the lowdown:

I used the Fiber Trends Bunny Fun pattern and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride wool. They took a little more than one skein each. The eyes are vintage buttons from my collection. They're stuffed with plain old polyfil. Figure about 5 hours to knit, an hour to assemble, an hour for the felting/stuffing process, and an hour to finish.

And no, these bunnies didn't shrink mysteriously ~ they're posed with an ostrich egg!

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