Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rustica Bunny

4th F.O. in 2005 - Knitted Bunny

4th F.O. in 2005 - Knitted Bunny

This is my 1st project in knitted toy, using Panda Rustica Col. 1.
Perhaps i have used a wrong type of yarn for this project? Or i have very poor skill in making toys. :D
The results is not as what i've been expecting. Hmm... practise makes perfect. Maybe i'll improve my skill in my next toy project, if i find something interesting to knit with in the future.

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Kari said...

NO! I think he's great. It's interesting to see how different yarns give such different results.

Theresa said...

Cari, Just thought I'd let you know that it was I that realigned your pictures to be one after the other rather than side to side. (It was affecting the blogspot template.)

I think the bunny looks terrific! :o)

Cara said...

Kari and Theresa, thank you for your comments.

Theresa, thank you for adjusting the alignment. It's shame that i never noticed about it after posting. :P

Dani said...

Cara, I think your bunny looks great. Your choice of yarn adds life to what is otherwise a very basic pattern.

Cara said...

Thank you all for your encouragement. That makes me feel like knitting a second bunny.
Perhaps i'll knit the Vintage Knit Bunny - Rosie the Rabbit and baby. ;)
But i will knit it slowly as i should start my 1st Time Sweater Knitalong asap.

Kathy in DC said...

This bunny is adorable!