Monday, March 14, 2005

Sad Bunnies

My bunnies are finished!

They look so sad! I might redo their eyes.

The best tip I got was to use plastic grocery sacks for the temporary stuffing. For these Fiber Trends patterns, you knit, then felt, then stuff while still wet to retain the shape. When dry, you remove the temporary stuffing, add the face, and restuff.


auntieknits said...

Do you plan on making more???
What pattern is that again? I just might have to run out and buy it.........

mare smith said...

thank you for the plastic bag temporary stuffing tip.

i think you could cheer up the bunnies by making the mouths smile with upward embroidered lines added to mouths.

KariS said...

Good idea on the plastic bags - I can use the left over snippets for the plastic bag knitting I am doing: cutting plastic bags into strips and knitting to make a tote bag.