Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bunny Head

I started on my second schmeebot bunny yesterday and thought I'd post a couple of in-progress pictures of how I am doing his (maybe this is a her, though) head.

When I got to the top of the head, I just continued to knit I-cord on three of the stitches on one side - you can see the ear hanging down on the right side of this picture...

When I finished the ear, I arranged the stitches so there were an equal number on the two needles on either side of the finished ear and 3 stitches for the other ear on the third needle.

Then I reattached the yarn (leaving a nice long bit for sewing up any holes that appear) and did a 3 needle bind off over the top of the head...

Resulting in what you see above. There are now 4 stitches remaining and I'll decrease one on the first row of I-cord. AND I had worked his neck this time on a few more stitches in order to be able to stuff stuffing up into his head. (Thanks, Thuy!)

Well, this is one way of doing it, anyhoo! Feel free to post in-progess pictures of your bunnies folks. I would especially love to see pictures of the HeartStrings bunny being folded.


Strikkelise said...

I did it exactly the same way! And that's because I learned the 3 needle bind off from your blog some months ago, Theresa! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Theresa said...

Jøss! What a lovely compliment! :O)

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