Sunday, March 06, 2005

My First Along!!

Yo!I'm SO happy that I've been added to this along!!!
I have 7 nieces and nephews that I'm crocheting this bunny for for easter:

I found it on the free patterns thingy to the left. It's pretty awesome, and quick to complete!Also a GREAT stash buster.
I've completed 1, but gave it away before taking a pic.
My mom was dumb, she gave my oldest niece Mikayla her for-being-good-at-school present in front of her lil bro, Parker, and I could tell it made him feel bad, because my folks are ALWAYS buying Mikayla stuff, she's seriously spoiled rotten,and forget about Parker.
So I gave him his early. Mikayla will have to wait!
I have 1 bunny that I want to finish tonight, and I'm ready to start the body on another, wich I will probally do tonight as well!!
I'm intrested in trying legs, but give me death before giving me a stranded pattern!!! I'm good at making up my own patterns though,so let me finish my nieces and nephews bunn's and I think I'll try making a copy cat(or is it copy bunny??;)) a whirl!! *smiles!*

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