Monday, March 07, 2005


Yay! I'm so glad I joined, I now have an obsession with the loverly Legs, by Schmeebot!
Here she is, pre-felting. But..See the fuzziness? I tried to hand felt her. With my hands and some shampoo, some boiling hot water and some freezing cold water. Yes. I boiled my bunny. And then dunked her in a bowl of fresh-from-the-freezer water.
That didn't work, so I mashed some (read:alot) shampoo into the whole mess and rolled and rubbed and mashed...But she just got fuzzier, no felting?
I'm loathe to put her in the washing mashine...won't she die?
Bunny Legs
There you have her!
So...How should I felt her? Any suggestions?..I've never felted anything before!


Elisabeth said...

you don't have to worry about felting her in the maschine - I've knit one too, and I have felted her in the maschine twice... but I think she might need another go at it :) You can just start with washing her on a short programme, and put her in one of those little net bags for underwear and such, then she is protected ;)

Strikkelise said...

I hope your bunny is 100% wool, then she will have a nice time in the washing machine. Good luck! Felting is fun!