Sunday, March 06, 2005

What I Do When I Can't Sleep

I am so into the bunny thing that I knit yet another one from HeartStrings Fiber Arts. This was as easy as knitting up a square and a couple of ears, stuffing it, and sewing it together. I used LionBrand's Jiffy on size 10 needles, which was so fast and easy to use... not to mention inexpensive! You can make probably a million of these with just one skein and have them all done in time for Easter.

I have not added a tail yet and am not sure if I will. I was thinking of pulling through some of the stuffing, but it all depends on who I give this to. If it is for the baby or even one of the dogs, the stuffing is a bad idea. I am thinking of getting the Jiffy yarn in white to see how a pom pom would look.

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