Sunday, March 06, 2005

I heart nice people.

I emailed Patrick Holland, the author of the Buzz List, to thank him for making my day (as well as helping me impress my 15 year old stepkid) last week when he posted about the Bunny A Long. I didn't really expect to get a response, but he wrote back the same day :

I like to throw a variety of things in the Buzz List. While I find many blogs have little to say, I respect any blog that stays on topic, is genuinely useful, and offers unique content. There's also something refreshing about being able to post a blurb on the Buzz that has actual beneficial info along with blurbs about Michael Jackson, a freaky Speed Metal chick, and Joan Rivers. (snip)

Good luck with the bunny blog,


He also included a link to the archived Buzz List that includes the Bunny A Long.

Nice people rule.

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